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Feasibility Planning

When potential capital projects are being contemplated, we can quickly help define needs, develop a high-level program, test-fit floor plan alternatives, study critical impacts/implementation issues, and identify key considerations in order to determine overall project viability.

​Feasibility Planning

  • Rapid Current State Assessment

  • Needs Analysis

  • High-Level (Key Driver) Programming

  • Concept / Test-Fit Plan Layouts

  • Engineering & Cost Coordination

  • Implementation Analysis 

  • Viability Assessment 

Master Planning
When developing either a comprehensive, campus-wide Master Plan or a narrowed scope facility-specific Master Plan, we can provide a wide range of services including existing conditions assessment, strategic & operational planning, master facility plan development, test-fit planning, and many other activities. 

​Master Planning

  • Strategic & Operational Planning

    • Strategic Coordination  

    • Visioning & Needs Assessment

    • Space Driver Analysis

    • Room Forecasting, Utilization, etc

  • Existing Conditions Assessment

    • Building / Site / Infrastructure

    • Services - Functional Relationships

    • Service Volumes & Utilization

  • Master Plan Program

  • High-Level Functional & Space Programs

  • Master Facility Plan

    • Scenario Planning

    • Service / Building / Site Planning

    • Phasing & Implementation

  • Flow Analysis

  • Plan Layouts - Test-Fit / Concept Plans

  • Planning Oversight & Peer Review

  • Medical Equipment Coord/Mgmt

  • Stakeholder Facilitation

  • Code Compliance

  • SB-1953 Planning (California)

  • Other Services


We bring unequaled expertise and work closely with our clients to develop detailed functional & space programs that become the basis for work in the design phase.


  • Current State Assessment

  • Strategic & Operational Planning

    • Strategic Coordination  

    • Visioning & Needs Assessment

    • Space Driver Analysis

    • Room Forecasting, Utilization, etc

  • Future State Needs Analysis

  • Detailed Functional Programming

  • Detailed Space Programming

  • Plan Layouts – Test Fit / Concept Plans

  • Implementation Planning

  • Project Scoping

Space Planning
Space planning is our greatest expertise. Our understanding of operations and emerging healthcare delivery trends, combined with our strong sense of design, results in functionally efficient and high quality layouts. Our goal is to enhance synergies, maximize space utilization, plan for flexibility, promote safety, and improve the healing environment for positive healthcare experiences and clinical outcomes.

​Space Planning

  • Schematic Design

    • Floor Plan Layouts

    • Flow & Adjacency Planning

    • Typical (Key) Room Layouts 

    • Room Criteria / Data

  • Design Development

    • Room Layouts

    • Plans (Architectural, Medical Equipment, Etc.)

    • Interior Elevations

Planning Management (Owner's Rep)
We can work in a consultative planning management oversight role to ensure all pre-design and design phase planning activities are meeting client needs.

​Planning Management (Owner's Rep)

  • Planning Oversight

  • Independent Peer Review

  • Code Compliance

  • Mgmt of Various Consultant Activities 

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