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Firm Profile


HPI Highlights

  • Medical Planning Specialization

  • Planners for World Renown Medical Centers

  • Comprehensive Planning Services

  • Expertise on a Wide Range of Project Types

  • Tens of Millions of Square Feet Planned

Healthcare Planning Inc (HPI) is a specialized consulting firm providing comprehensive medical facility planning services to healthcare organizations, architects, developers and project management firms. 

Our mission is to provide innovative and effective planning solutions that improve the healthcare environment to:

  • Enhance the physical setting to promote health, positively affect the healing experience, 

       and improve clinical outcomes

  • Optimize layout and flow for greater efficiencies and convenience

  • Increase operational effectiveness in staffing, safety, and resource utilization

  • Maximize flexibility to respond to future change

We have a deep understanding of healthcare operations and effective facility planning and design. Our solutions take into account all of the complexities that comprise healthcare – from the needs of those that use the facility to those that run the facility, from major strategic decisions to detailed room components – to ultimately achieve the highest quality and most cost effective healthcare facility possible.

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